Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Where Are You?

One may not think much of Gone. After all, the trailer seemed to have spelt out the entire plot from A to Z, but there are still a limited number of suprirses that Brailian director Heitor Dhalia managed to pull out of a hat, turning this into a worthwhile effort to sit through, even though it didn't contain anything great in a mystery/thriller that worked out like the female version of The Fugitive, bearing emotional scars as she investigates into the disappearance of her sister.

Just like how nobody believed Dr Richard Kimble's account of the one armed man, nobody gave a hoot about the lead character's apparent abduction about a year back, her involuntary admission into a mental institution and more so about her allegations now that some boogeyman is still after her, and took her sister by mistake. Alarm bells powered by the trailer would suggest that this could be a psychological thriller with Amanda Seyfried's Jill making everything up in her mind and projecting events and characters into her life, but the good news is that Allison Burnet's story stuck to the more conventional investigative drama, albeit making things a tad too easy for the protagonist as she hops from witness to witness providing her pertinent clues to solve the biggest mystery of her life.

But one thing's undeniable in the film, and that is how it puts down the police force. If this was a comedy there will be full of slapstick cops bungling everything up with loads of physical comedy thrown in for good measure. Every cop character here is practically useless in not following their standard operating procedure, and made to look very silly indeed. Otherwise how could the protagonist be more interesting if she cannot constantly outwit them, both in the brains and brawn department?

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