Thursday, October 14, 2010

Perfect Wedding (抱抱俏佳人)

So That's The Secret

Hong Kong romantic comedies are a mixed bag, but I'm really surprised by this effort which touches on the intricacies of a modern day romance that's beset with the good old issues that's set to derail a budding couple's path to a relationship, which began quite off the cuff in one drunken night that led to a one night stand, where both Yan (Miriam Yeung) and Fung (Raymond Lam) thought they will no longer see each other again, unless of course filmic Fate would have decided otherwise. In what would seem like The Wedding Planner in the first half, the second is where the film really picked up and brought on nicely crafted romantic moments that will set hearts fluttering, and for audiences to root that the duo put aside their egos and differences for a probable better life together.

I've not been much of a Miriam Yeung fan, but so far I've seen three of her movies in a row - Hooked On You, Love in a Puff, and now this - that I'm quite convinced she's in her element when playing the ditzy romantic female lead. Her pair up with television star Raymond Lam in his second film outing proved to be charmingly successful, leaving some room for the fleeting exploration of the issue of a younger man falling for an older woman.

My only qualm is of course that this is dubbed in Mandarin, where I'm quite certain some of the jokes got lost in translation or didn't serve up as big an impact as they should, and I like this film enough to want to watch the original Cantonese version. And before I forget, I think Chrissie Chau has what it takes to fit into the big void Amy Yip had left behind. Watch this film to find out what I mean.

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