Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Incite Mill - 7 Day Death Game (Inshite Miru: 7-kakan No Desu Gemu / インシテミル 7日間のデス・ゲーム)

Something Strange Around the Corner

Tatsuya Fujiwara must be on familiar grounds here, since The Incite Mill is an amalgamation of two of his popular films, his earlier Battle Royale and the recent Kaiji The Ultimate Gambler. Directed by Hideo Nakata, a name synonymous with the Japanese horror film Ringu, The Incite Mill follows the recent trend of game based stories where contestants and participants are put through trying situations, where the winner takes all and the losers, well, depending on the stakes at play, may end up losing their lives. A group of 10 participants who responded through ads citing high pay for temporary work, are put into a Big Brother styled environment where their task is to stay within the confines of the rules, but you'd know for sure that things will go awry, and every single rule of the game will be tested and broken.

While the premise is set for a gripping whodunnit and who-will-survive, The Incite Mill however failed to excite, as plots get developed as a matter of fact, offering very little surprises as if everything gets unfolded according to script. There's no mystery here that will engage you enough to keep you guessing, and events that unfold aren't in edge of your seat style. It runs like clockwork, and doesn't throw up anything new, especially when recent films such as Liar Game managed to keep a strong protagonist whom you know possesses all the skills to survive, yet having enough curve balls thrown in his way to try and trip things up. Nothing of that sort happens here, although there was a nicely choreographed fight scene toward the end to try and make up for it, too little too late.

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