Saturday, October 30, 2010

Haunted Changi - The Enhanced Digital Version + Cast and Crew Q&A

Come Back For More!

As part of its Halloween celebrations, Sinema Old School had brought Haunted Changi back for a one-off screening using its enhanced digital version and session moderator Sueanne Teo of Sinema Old School assembled the principal cast and crew of filmmaker Tony Kern, and actors Audi Khalid (as Audi Khalis the cameraman), Andrew Lua (as Andrew Lau the director/editor), Sheena Chan (as Sheena Chung the producer) and Farid Assalam (as Farid Azlam the soundman) to be on hand for a 60 minute up close and personal interaction with members of the audience and gamely participated in the film's exposé to reveal what was real, what was not, and what really freaked them out.

Needless to say the discussions were all in spoiler territory so watch the entire proceedings only if you have watched the film, which is coming soon to screens in Malaysia and Brunei in November, and Indonesia in December. For those in Singapore, Sinema Old School will also be screening the film in November, so check its online ticketing page for more details of dates and times.

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