Thursday, October 07, 2010

From The Red Eagle OST - ในคืนนี้

ในคืนนี้ played during the opening credits of Red Eagle, and there was that ring of Bond-esque quality to the rhythm and presentation - sensual, mysterious, inviting you to discover more.

And this was done right after an ultra-violent introduction where Insee Daeng dispatches a gang of drug traffickers, setting the tone that this is quite the departure from the 60s franchise starring Mitr Chaibancha in the titular role as the masked avenger. Watch the video to catch some glimpses of deleted scenes, which the film for sure didn't feature Ananda Everingham's Rom Rittikral shaving that block of ice into his signature avian, complete with flowing ebbs of blood (we only saw the end product on screen). I'm also curious as to how the quality of the clips from the film were a little rough around the edges with the SFX yet to be completely in place, and especially brightened up as well which provided a little more detail to the scenes.

Red Eagle premieres in Bangkok today, and also makes its international premiere at the Pusan International Film Festival with 5 screenings starting from 10th October.

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