Sunday, April 25, 2010

Singapore International Film Festival 2010

Personally, I felt that the festival somehow took a major step back from last year's edition. Somehow the buzz disappeared, and there were a number of logistical issues which could have been better to engage the movie going audience out there.

  • The festival booklet was late, and could only be obtained a day before the festival started proper (anyone would like to counter-verify this?)
  • Updates to the official web site was painfully slow. The template from last year was used so that's some help in figuring out the navigation, but the main page updates were not forthcoming. For instance, it would probably help ticket sales if interested parties knew in advance whether cast/crew were going to be in attendance
  • The UniSIM venue was too far flung. A central location would have been preferred
  • If tickets were sold out, it would have been great to be told on the website. Then again, was any session sold out? You can't tell unless you attempted to buy the ticket or turned up at the venue
  • I'm a stickler for punctuality. Despite having minimal ads (just 1), the films rarely started on time, though because I didn't buy any back to back tickets for films at different venues, I didn't feel the pinch, but sparing a thought for others, then this will wreck havoc to their viewing plans
  • Not starting on time also meant that any Q&A planned for after the session, will involve shifting of the masses to locations outside the hall, resulting in a waste of time / lost souls
I shall stop here lest this turns out to be a bitching session. Here's looking forward to a better edition next year.

Conversations on Sago Lane
Ek Tho Chance
In the House of Straw
Memories of a Burning Tree
Roulette City
Shake Hands with the Devil

Q&A Sessions
Memories of a Burning Tree / Conversations on Sago Lane
Roulette City
Shake Hands with the Devil

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