Monday, April 12, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

Who's The Hunter Now?

It looks like a lot of fun where Gerard Butler's titular bounty hunter Milo gets to seek out his ex-wife Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) and bring her to the lockup for jumping bail. But that quest is soon over before it started, and what we get is a whole different, and needless focus on some very flimsy corruption case involving the boys in blue, and a whole chunk of reflective, relationship issues to qualify this as a romantic comedy. Somehow the two leads lacked a certain x-factor in their pairing together, making this film a little bit of a flatliner to witness just how they try hard to work off each other's energy, and unfortunately falling flat at each attempt.

And I can't help but to take note that both Butler and Aniston hardly change their clothes too in this cat-versus-mouse pursuit, where absence starts to make the heart grow fonder, and just how we unwittingly torpedo a relationship that's filled with potential for everlasting bliss (if there's such a term to begin with in the first place), but no thanks to the weak plot and uninteresting side-show, needless characters, what's more memorable in this bounty hunt, is the amount of time wasted as it plods along close to two hours to have its narrative resolved.

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