Friday, April 30, 2010

Away We Go

Where's the Tummy?

It's a personal bias that I must warn you of – I am such a fan of road trip movies, if only for the expected madcap encounters we follow our protagonists through from start to end, complete with quirky situations, out of this world characters, and pretty much not knowing what's next to be dished out. Away We Go fits this mold of a travel movie, but filled with tremendous heart that's easy to identify with since it deals with the re-connection with friends and family members whom we seldom see, and to try and hit it off again from where we last left off.

Naturally, things change, and in this Sam Mendes picture, he tackles this genre (hard to believe, eh?) and shows his versatility without compromising on his strengths based on the showcase of character relationships forged, as well as a number of poignant moments being presented that will set you off thinking. Even though you're not a would-be parent, you'll be pondering and identifying with the issues being presented, which will keep you engaged throughout, coupled with a light moment or two which are well placed to earn a chuckle.

Oh yeah it's probably the first film I've watched that opens with oral sex!

You can read my review of Away We Go at by clicking on the logo below.


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