Monday, April 26, 2010

The Back-up Plan

Your Abs are Distracting Me

J Lo's behind is still making waves as far as this film is concerned, having the actress in self-deprecating mode, and being very sensitive to her growing rear all thanks to the wonderful joys of being pregnant. Playing Zoe, a self-made career woman who's now pursuing motherhood before her biological clock goes berserk and gives up, she opts for the modern science of artificial insemination as her chances of finding The One is zilch, but Fate has that cruel sense of humour to present her the ideal man Stan (Alex O'Loughlin) the minute after she got her procedure done.

You'll probably not care about the romance bit, which is more like a tale of two halves, but rather be quite engaged with the encyclopedic look at the woes and crankiness that comes with a pregnancy, from the woman's point of view anyway. This film covers the entire spectrum, and I'll be hard pressed to think of a contemporary peer that had the whole nine yards covered in the same manner. And of course, that quick reality check that bringing up children in a metropolitan city, is not all that affordable if you haven't had your sums done up correctly, as Stan will slowly come to realize, and fear.

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