Monday, May 18, 2009

Sell Out! Again!

Faster Watch

My personal favourite amongst the SIFF selection this year, Sell Out! is still making its run at the Cathay cineplexes here, so if you've not seen it, do not wait too long! I hope it survives another week in the halls despite the barrage of summer action blockbusters all lined up, and I suppose if the halls still manage to pull in some 80% attendance like this evening's screening, it stands a good chance.

I did a review much earlier during SIFF, and you can read it here. Was it as much fun the second time round? You bet! There were a couple more nuggets caught that had flown by my radar the first time, and watching it again provided more opportunities to witness how brilliant many scenes were, and a lot more easter eggs spotted that went unnoticed.

But of course the highlight today was to get my hands on this treasure, because as of now, it's still not available on our shores.

Thanks to my friend who had zipped from Malaysia to Singapore for a pit stop, I can now listen to the songs everywhere I go once it's loaded on the iPod. The CD sleeve also has lyrics printed too! Best of all...

It's Autographed!

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