Sunday, May 03, 2009

[DVD] Red Sands (2009)

War Mongers

My first reaction after watching this film, is how uncanny it resembled the local movie Pulau Hantu, from its narrative structure of a military interrogation of a lone survivor amongst his platoon mates, to the inexplicable happenings, cover ups, and disbelief. Even the way it ended was somewhat similar, that I would have thought one screenplay had two different interpretations. In fact, Korean horror flick G.P. 506 shared the same structure, so I guess it's no surprise if other films wanting to emulate it, would follow the same formula...

... To varying degrees of success of course. Hampered by an relatively low budget of US$1.5 million, I guess the filmmakers did what they could, and missed a number of plot points. It couldn't decide if it wanted to be a downright horror flick, or a psychological thriller, and ended up being none but a very laborious and tedious plod from start to end, without clear and certain direction. It had an idea about dabbling with Djinns, but I guess lost the plot midway when budget dictates a less than ideal rendering of idea into reality.

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