Saturday, May 02, 2009

[DVD] The ESP Couple (2008)

Can You Read My Mind?

At first glance some halfway through to the film, I'd thought the pairing of the couple was something like that of the Condor Heroes of Huang Rong and Guo Jing, where the lady relies on her street smarts to get them out of difficult situations, and the guy relying on his brawn. Here, Su Min (Jin Goo) and Hyun Jin (Park Bo Young) play a couple where the former becomes incessant in finding out the ESP abilities of the latter, and conjures up some scenarios where he has no choice but to employ his abilities to bail them out of. Until of course it's put to better use in trying to assist in solving a kidnapping case, to which there's a slight twist to it all.

If not for that little sleight of hand at the last act, this would be your typical pilot episode of a television series, and in fact, the look and feel was one that fit right in. The little anime segment in the last act served up some nice, differing visuals from the rest of the narrative. If this was to be made into a television series, I would be curious enough to give it a chance to see how it develops further.

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