Sunday, May 17, 2009

[DVD] Summer Days With Coo (Kappa No Ku To Natsu Yasumi) (2007)


A very well animated film, I felt this was one of the longest I've seen, clocking some 20 minutes over 2 hours. Some scenes were a little unnecessary and had dragged out some plot points, but I suppose as with any "origin" type film, some indulgence to explain in full certain events might just be warranted. Surprisingly violent too for a kid's movie, which raised my eyebrows, but once the momentum got going, it still contained a fairly interesting story of the friendship between a family and their adopted mythical water creature.

Don't be expecting this to be somewhat similar to a Miyazaki anime. For starters, the creature here doesn't exactly fit the usual mold of cute, furry or cuddly. It's rather gangly with strange patches on a green back, complete with shell and webbed limbs. But as they say, judge not a book by its cover, and for what it lacks in looks, Coo (as the creature is called) makes up for it in the personality department. A nice heartwarming story told in two halves, one centering on the relationship between the creature and his rescuer, while the latter half was a little more of a reflective piece on society's reaction to strangeness.

Quite an adult picture if you ask me, but recommended nonetheless.

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