Sunday, April 26, 2009

Singapore International Film Festival 2009 Coverage Index Page

Beetle, The
Call If You Need Me
Dada's Dance
Letters to the President
Malaysian Gods
Sell Out!
Story of Mr Sorry, The
Wackness, The
Xiao Shu's Going Home

Amos Gitai Retrospect
Free Zone
One Day, You'll Understand
Promised Land

Singapore Panorama
Big Road, A
Brother No. 2
This Too Shall Pass
White Days

Q&A Sessions
Brother No. 2 with director Jason Lai and producer Eunice Lau. Moderated by Leonard Lai.
Call Me If You Need Me with director James Lee, Lead Actor Sunny Pang. Moderated by Tan Pin Pin.
Dada's Dance with director Zhang Yuan and Lead actress Li Xinyun. (Audio Only)
Promised Land with Amos Gitai. Moderated by Tan Pin Pin. (Audio only)
This Too Shall Pass with director Ang Aik Heng and documentary subject's daughter Ellen Lee. Moderated by Leonard Lai.
Sell Out! with director Yeo Joon Han and Cast members Peter Davis, Jerrica Lai and Lee Szu Hung. Moderated by Zhang Wenjie.
White Days with director Looi Wan Ping and Cast members Chris Yeo, Vel Ng and Daniel Hui. Moderated by Zhang Wenjie.
Xiao Shu's Going Home with director Hao Yifeng.

In Conversation With
Amir Muhammad
Amos Gitai, moderated by Ben Slater.

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