Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Magical Bubbles

A young boy seeing his mother perpetually stuck in melancholy, tries to cheer her up and by chance, a circus troupe appears to have some administrative problems in performing down town, and gets invited by the child to set up stage at his bee farm compound. This of course is a bid in hoping that the antics of the troupe will somehow tickle his mom and make her smile. That's almost the gist of the plot, and you're likely to enjoy this thoroughly should you approach it with child-like innocence, a musical (of sorts) that will undoubtedly lift spirits given its quest for happiness.

There were many things going in favour of Magique! and top of the list is its cast. You'll find yourself falling for the cherubic charms of child actor Louis Dussol, whose charismatic character Tommy enables you to take on such a journey, willing to be led by him as he learns about life from the circus troupe performers. Marie Gillain also shines as his mother Betty, who surfs the internet looking for a soul mate unsuccessfully, exuding poise yet vulnerability despite her strength shown in bringing up a kid by herself, and trying her best to maintain their bee farm. These two actors portray their mother-son relationship with plenty of emotion, and you'll be hard-pressed not to empathize with their plight.

All in all, it's a succinct tale in about 90 minutes that doesn't have a villain or a big bang explosion, just plenty of whimsical and well shot scenes, and with morally uplifting messages to spread.

You can read my review of Magique! at movieXclusive.com by clicking on the logo below.


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