Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friday the 13th (2009)

He Lives

The 12th film of the franchise, it doesn't matter if Jason Voorhees has been revived time and time again, or remade and rebooted, because the truth is it relies on the very same formula that has been all 12 movies, and those of its equally illustrious genre peers as well. And these rote elements won't go out of fashion until someone has the gall to revamp and inject fresh ideas, just like how Bond was given a proper makeover starting with Casino Royale.

Think about it, just how many more of such elements could we continue to condone in our slasher flicks before they bore you to death if Jason's machete doesn't get to you first? We have sexy, and sexed up horny teenagers, vehicles with their keys taken away just when you need to drive them off, non virgins given priority in biting the dust, fake boobs versus real boobs, incompetent police folks, and so on. Granted that Jason's made a little sexier in his movements and the violence being more gratuitous and designed to be more in your face, dished out through a variety of weapons other than the staple machete, but there's no real change or challenge, knowing how the fella would likely be back for another flick.

It may be fun if you're looking for yet another genre slasher flick that gives you what you're generally looking out for, but other than that, don't expect this new Friday the 13th to be breaking any new ground, but just rehashing and repaving the road frequently travelled.

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