Saturday, April 11, 2009

[DVD] Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006)

The Three Amigos

Sure it might have been a cult favourite on Canadian television, and many markets around the world, but somehow the antics of Trailer Park Boys left me unimpressed because they are just being irrelevant for the sake of being so. It does have some really genuinely funny moments, but it's just too few to keep the gag running for a feature film.

Think of it as a couple of white-thrash characters who are bumming around either in their trailer park, or in jail, or scheming up the details of their next big shenanigan, be it ripping off loose change from parking meters, or aspiring to be growing weed at their own backyard. Every joint they smoke is packed with poison to get high, and every thought just happens to be wondering if they'll be getting any that night. It's a social topsy-turvy that just tries too hard to be funny, but mostly fell flat on its face.

I can't imagine if I have to watch episodes from the television series, but this feature film had already put me off that the Trailer Park Boys don't have much material other than thinking the mouthing off of F-words are funny. Too much of a good (or in this case, bad) thing would just put you off.

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