Monday, June 30, 2008

Kallang Roar The Movie - 21 Aug 2008!

So Euro fever is now over, and the Spaniards have clinched the title. Being an Arsenal fan, Cesc Fabregas gave a kick-ass performance, didn't he? So I'd come to expect more of the same for Arsenal next season! He's only 21, but already commanding our midfield engine!

Closer to home and in fairly recent times, with our National Stadium refusing to budge to make way for the new Sports Hub facility, Singapore got humiliated in our 2010 World Cup Qualifiers by the Uzbeks in a 7-3 scoreline which looked like a one set tennis match, before biting the dust against Saudi Arabia in a 2-0 defeat against the oil barons. But I gotta give credit when credit is due, that coach Raddy had more or less come up with a team which can take on the best in the region, but require more mental strength, stamina and skill to take on the bigger boys.

While the press and everyone else was lamenting about the lack of local support at the 55,000 seater stadium, Kallang Roar the Movie rekindles the magic of a time bygone, where Singapore was indeed magnates on the indomitable home stadium, and opponents who step into the pitch will pee in their pants given the fervent supporters everywhere, roaring the Lions on. That magical era is now captured in a feature length film soon to be released on local screens come 21 Aug 08.

Capture the highlights of the movie in the following trailers, and I can't wait to watch this on the big screen to experience something way before my time. Rock on!



For the uninitiated, you can read more about our local football team here

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