Monday, June 16, 2008

Singapore in Shanghai

The 11th Shanghai International Film Festival runs from 14th to 22nd June, and this year, it has been elevated to the A-listers of film festivals accredited by the FIAPF (Fedération International des Associations de Producteurs de Films / or in English: International Federation of Film Producers Associations), joining the likes of Cannes, Berlin, Venice, and the only one in Asia besides Tokyo.

Friends from the Middle Kingdom will get a chance to watch no less than 6 Singaporean movies in the festival that's running now in a special showcase. What are the films? In no particular order, click on the pics to read my take on them!

881 by Royston Tan

18 Grams of Love by Han Yew Kwang

Gone Shopping by Wee Li Lin

The Leap Years by Jean Yeo

Truth Be Told by Teo Eng Tiong

Dance of the Dragon by John Radel

Wish I was there to practice my extremely non-existent mother tongue of my dialect group! Oh, Gone Shopping and 18 Grams of Love are competing for the Asia New Talent Award. All the best!

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