Monday, January 22, 2007

Truth Be Told - Website and Trailer

The independent filmmaking scene in Singapore had an unprecedented number of movies making its cinematic debut last year, and this year there are a couple of projects in their final stages of production, which hopefully we'll be able to view in 2007. One of them is Truth Be Told.

Starring familiar faces from local television, first time feature film makers LIM Jee Nee (Producer/Writer) and TEO Eng Tiong (Producer/Director) seemed to have revisited the heartlands to base their story in, following local films like 12 Storeys (1997) and Singapore Dreaming (2006).

The trailers interestingly do not box the movie into any particular genre (until more clues are afforded), and can pass off as a mystery / horror / thriller all at the same time. I guess having in set in a relatively older housing estate like Tiong Bahru, has its advantages!


A new job as a television producer moves Renee Donovan (MediaCorp artiste Yvonne Lim) back to Singapore. Recently divorced, she is hoping to start a new life with her 6 year-old daughter and put the past behind her.

But on her first day of work, a current affairs assignment takes her back to a neighborhood she ran away from 10 years ago. There, an old neighbour, Old Teo (Liang Tian), recognizes her. At every turn, he threatens to reveal her secrets. As Renee struggles to cover her real identity to complete the assignment, she is forced to confront her past and the shameful secrets which surface as a result.

You can read the filmmakers' production blog, as they share their experiences and provide some insights into the dread faced by first time feature filmmakers locally.

Official Web Site

Truth Be Told Teaser (Embedded Quicktime)
Truth Be Told Teaser (Embedded Windows Media Player)

Truth Be Told Trailer (Embedded Quicktime)
Truth Be Told Trailer (Embedded Windows Media Player)

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