Monday, January 15, 2007

[Scoop/Making Of] Gone Shopping The Movie

Next time, remind me to bring a damn camera everywhere I go. Lokman is probably the only one who has been reminding me until he gave up.

This evening I chanced upon a film crew at the Marina Square indoor foyer going about their thing, but didn't stay too long because of a preview session I had to attend for Breaking and Entering (you gotta wait until March to watch this movie apparently). After dinner, had decided to mill around a little longer (an hour actually) to observe what was going on. It was quite an elaborate setup, with a camera rigged with pulleys for overhead shots. The entire area was cordoned off, with requests placed around for public like myself to maintain silence.

So too bad, no camera, otherwise there might be some picture stills up, but here's a brief description of a scene which was being filmed within that hour, for a movie called Gone Shopping, directed by Wee Li Lin, and starring Kym Ng and Adrian Pang. Kym was there, and so was another actor Aaron Kao, together with plenty of extras who were serving as curious onlookers.

For those who don't want to know anything about the movie, skip this post, otherwise, read on:

The setting is in a mall (where else?). Kym was wearing this blue dress and was lying flat out, probably comatose, on a bench (There was a small towel placed beneath her head to act as a cushion, and I think tissues were cushioning her ankles as well - no joke lying on the hard bench you know?). Aaron apparently had this empty scabbard on him (martial arts? swords? Yup, read his character bios to find out more) and was bending over her, and the extras were tasked to move in groups toward the bench. Actually I was paying attention to this group of extras, as they were a diverse bunch - those that caught my eye were a lady with a handphone pushing a pram, a kid, many ladies with many paper / shopping bags, and there was one extra who was extremely lively, probably with experience in cameo-ing in various other productions (and was sharing her thoughts with the inexperienced few, even things like claims).

Within that hour, there was plenty of testing of equipment, rehearsals just for that one scene, with different camera placements, different paths for the extras to take, adjustment of pace, etc. Yes, welcome to filmmaking, to get that perfect shot, you just have to try, and try again until it was right. I think the extras have it tough in this round, as they had to retrace their footsteps, and remember exactly where to stand, less there by any continuity errors.

Didn't stay too long, so if you're reading this now, I won't be surprised if the entire team is still there, working late into the night in a near empty mall. Will post up more stuff if I chance upon them again. Otherwise, keep a look out for the movie!

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