Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Motel

Occasionally you get bored with the usual run off the mill flicks from Hollywood, and wonder what's out there in the indie scene. Especially in Singapore where we pretty much get our movie fix from the big studios screening their latest hits (or not) on the big screen. I guess I'll be featuring some indie movies at my site from time to time, and we shall start off with The Motel.

The Motel Trailer 2

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Synopsis from Palm Pictures
Puberty sucks, and nobody knows it better than 13-year-old Ernest Chin (Jeffrey Chyau). As he watches guests come and go, Ernest finds himself forever stuck at his family's hourly-rate motel, where he divides his time between taking orders from his overbearing mom, cleaning up after whatever miscreants the motel may attract and longing for the girl of his dreams, 15-year-old Christine (Samantha Futerman, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA). When charismatic Sam Kim (Sung Kang, BETTER LUCK TOMORROW) checks into the motel, fatherless Ernest is taken under his wing and hustled toward manhood, for better or worse. From the producers of ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW and THE GOOD GIRL, comes an honest portrait of adolescence as heartfelt and authentic as it is hilarious.

From the trailer above, the movie looked interesting enough to warrant a chance, and has already garnered a couple of awards in the film festival circuit, including The HUMANITAS Prize in the Sundance Feature Film Category. Oh, and yes, if you find one of the actors familiar, he's Sung Kang, who was in The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, playing Han, the Korean dude who lent Lucas Black's Sean Boswell his Evo to wreck in the multi-storey carpark.

You can visit the official website of The Motel by clicking on this link, which includes 3 parts of a podcast series with the director Michael Kang speaking to the producer and the leads.

The DVD is available for pre-order, and you can get it from Palm Pictures.

For those of you on MySpace, you can visit the movie's MySpace page. There'll also be a YouTube "Worst Puberty Story" contest coming real soon, so stay tuned!

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