Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Francis Ng Week

One Last Dance Gala Premiere

Francis Ng was in town this week to promote their latest movie, One Last Dance, premiering next week in Singapore. We had the oppportunity to cover the gala premiere of the movie on Thursday 4th Jan 06 at GV VivoCity, courtesy of You can click on the logo below to read about, and view the proceedings of that evening, complete with a red carpet and a short Q&A session on a podium, as well as an interview session with both Francis Ng and Ti Lung on Friday 5th Jan 06 at Fort Canning.

You can also read the review of the movie at by clicking on the logo below

or read an alternative review on this blog here.

Crime: The Dark Side of Asian Cinema - A Talk by Francis Ng

Francis Ng was invited to give a talk at The Pod, National Library on Sat 6th Jan 06. Admission was free, so you can imagine the number of fans who turned up to greet the actor. He's quite sporting too, launching into various poses for a few minutes, to allow his fans to take some pictures of him (too bad not with him lol... think he'll be mobbed if that were to happen).

You can give a listen to what was discussed by using the player below. It runs almost an hour long, but plenty of insights were shared. Francis was in a jovial, playful mood, much unlike the dark, moody, maniacal characters that he frequently play. For those who missed the proceedings, here's your chance to listen in on what was shared!

Be warned though, it's in Cantorin, or Mandrinese (whichever way you look at it!) so I shan't bother to try and transribe it :P

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