Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Revenge of the Sith Again

Nope, this ain't a movie. Just thought I wanted to post my thoughts after watching Episode 3 for the second time over the long weekend.

The second time's more fun - you know the story, you know what to expect, so it's time for easter eggs, and sitting back, soaking up the battles all over again, and of course, oggling Padme in all the limited scenes she's in :P

Somehow, I can't get over the fact that in this movie, she's reduced from Hot Queen (love those outfits in Ep 1), to space action chick in Ep 2, to Tears in Ep 3. Not to mention she appeared in that all famous buns hairstyle in her first scene. Eeks! I thought they manage to keep that to the Clone Wars cartoon. Guess not!

Been trolling a lot of forums, some like the film, some hate it. C'mon folks, it's Star Wars! You don't feel the Force in this one? Clouded your mind, the Original Trilogy has. :-) I think there are 2 groups of people here. Those who truly believe the Original Trilogy cannot be surpassed, and those who just wanna bash the film for the sake of bashing.

For those who have yet to watch the show, I'd recommend to go for the digital formats now.

Non-digital - the quality will degrade after many screenings. I watched the non-digital format on a preview day (18 May) and although it was the first evening show, the signs of wear and tear is there - a skip here, a jerk there.

Digital - I watched it over the weekend, and there is no degradation of image quality

After so many screenings, non-digital formats will suffer drop in image quality. Same price some more leh, dun lugi ! (oops, hint of Singlish there!)

Btw, Funkygrad has posted an edited version of my review. You can check out the Professionally Edited Version Here

Having gone through an editor makes a whole lotta difference eh? Kinda like that version :-)

Tomorrow, Madagascar! Got free preview tickets from Yahoo! Asia!

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