Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Random Thoughts of a Happy Trooper


It's rare that I deviate and put up a non-review blog entry, but this happy trooper says that alphanumeric combination has a big part to play.

Some of you might be wondering why I would be in bliss with being able to buy 2 movie tickets - one for Kingdom of Heaven, the other for Revenge of the Sith. Yeah, I'm a simple man with simple pleasures in life, probably.

Got my Kingdom of Heaven ticket sneak preview ticket for tomorrow's screening, and it would end in time for me to get home to watch Denise Keller on tellee (yes, I'm watching this season's of Eye For A Guy *shocked*, but only because of the chick, and it is shown at a comfortable timeslot before The Amazing Race)

Same thing for Revenge of the Sith. Try getting a premiere ticket in the evening now - chances are zilch. Good thing there're advance screenings on the 18th just announced, and I've got my ticket for that! So there's no need for half/one day off/leave to watch Obi-wan Kenobi kick the crap outta Annie Skywalker. Natalie Portman, argh! she dies... hope Lucas got the decency to make her death beautiful.

Why H13 you might ask? Well, it's the seat number in the theatre for both shows - smack in the middle, right where I like it.

Good start to May I might add!

Here are some random postings I've made at some forums, for your reading pleasure, one on Orlando Bloom, the other on Fantastic Four...

To Orlando Bloom's outspoken detractors

1. you're probably a guy
2. and an ugly looking one at that
3. you dislike him because he's a pretty boy
4. with girls you like swooning all over him
5. and heck, he got a (Peter Jackson made) plum role in LOTR, the biggest trilogy of the century for any geek fan. Note that I said Peter Jackson made, cuz if you read the books, Legolas doesn't get as much "screentime" by Tolkien

If you're a girl
1. you're probably a feminist
2. who can't stand fellow females going ga-ga over some hot male
3. you have weird tastes (don't get started on the physical-appearance-doesn't-attract-you lie)

heh, always wanted to state that

think about it

So chill, just watch the show if you're
1. wanting to know more about the crusades (who cares about historical accuracy, go to the library and borrow a book if you must)
2. sucker for war cinematography
3. sucker for epics

I've got my ticket. Have you?

Just browsing through the thread... Fantastic Four might not appeal to most of you (I assume teeny boppers) as it's my father's generation

It's the first superhero team to be published.
Make that the first superheroes to be created by Stan Lee in the early 60s, even before Spidey and Hulk

It also smashes convention because from issue #1 - their identities are already known to NY City (in the comics of course). No identity issues, no secret identities to hide behind

Everyone knows Richard Reeds is Mr Fantastic, his fiance (then wife) is Sue Storm, her kid brother Johnny Storm's the Human Torch (my fav btw... FLAME ON!!), and Reeds' best friend and one time Sue's ex Ben Grimm as The Thing (the only one who's tragically mutated)

Since then, they've gone through many "rebirths" in the comics, but one thing that is central to the core of FF is the relationships between the characters - they always bicker! I hope they keep that core aspect in this film

And in my opinion, the weakness of FF's popularity is the villains - not as classic as spidey's, bat's, etc. In comics, it is actually the villains that make the heroes look good.

But I'm still game for a proper FF film (there was a lousy one which you can find somewhere in the online world - the company back then which bought the rights have to make something, or lose the rights, so they just put together C-rated actors with cheesy effects)

So, July 7th, anyone?

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