Monday, May 30, 2005

Batman Begins 10 Minute Preview

For those who are still not into the finale of the latest Smallville season, you can still catch the 10 minute preview of Batman Begins here

I'm a long time Bat-fan, and was going to write a piece about the Bat-movies before this highly anticipated one hits the big screen. And going by the looks of this 10 minute preview, I dare say IT'S GONNA ROCK BIG TIME!

The only gripe some of you might have is Henri Ducard's role (played by Liam Neeson), which sounds a bit Qui-Gon Jinn-ish from the dialogue. But heck, I'm not perturbed and neither should you be.

The highlights are

  • Alfred's role in the aftermath of the Wayne's deaths
  • Bruce's training in the far east
  • The suggestion that Thomas Wayne is somehow responsible for his and his wife's death
  • Lucius Fox - listen closely to his conversation with Bruce
  • The discovery and exploration of the Bat-cave, and goodness, they quoted and featured Bat-history! (The railroad running at the cave which Bruce's great-great-grandfather built)
  • The mention of the Falcone crime family (yes, Carmine will be featured in the movie)
  • Batman in action!
  • Finally, Gordon is seen! And we see his budding friendship established with Bats (yes, they converse!)
  • And to the Batmobile detractors out there, seeing it in action might change your mind about the tank-looking beast - it kicks hard ass!

I'm foaming in my mouth just watching this trailer repeatedly (yes, I'm obsessed!)

The Singapore gala premiere is on June 13th Shaw Lido.
Sponsored tickets anyone?

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