Sunday, May 08, 2005

[FAQ 1.1] A Nutshell Review

Q1: What is A Nutshell Review?
A1: The reviews contain my thoughts about movies I watched.

Q2: What is your objective in posting these reviews?
Q2: To share and help others who don't watch movies often, or have limited funds, to decide if a show is worth watching.

Q3: Your reviews do not have a rating system...
A3: I rarely do the Star Ratings thingy, which is pointless, as different genres call for a different way of appreciation. Read my thoughts, and if you feel that it's worth watching, do it.

Q4: OK, spill it, What's In It For You?
A4: To confirm my blog status as Singapore's #1 Movie Review Blog. I think I probably am right now, unless someone can point out to me somebody else who is consistently reviewing new movies and putting them online. I'll like to shake his/her hand.

Q5: Do you post reviews after watching VCDs, DVDs, pirated versions even?
A5: Never. I proudly base my review on theatrical releases, and watched on a big screen with the best sound system each theatre can offer. I feel that one does not do movies justice by watching it on a dinghy home theatre system, and one is insulting the film industry through watching a movie by pirated means.

Q6: Do you post spoilers?
A6: If I do, there will be adequate spoiler warnings. But so far, I have steered clear of posting the endings, twists, or details of storylines not known and cannot be referenced from the movie's trailers.

Q7: How often do the reviews posted?
A7: Each time I watch a movie screened in Singapore, I aim to post my thoughts within 24hrs. That's the challenge. Sometimes I view 2-3 (5 was my record) movies in a day, and it takes time to compose thoughts and post them online. I watch movies during sneak previews, to get the reviews out on time before the general release.

Q8: Where else do the reviews get posted?
A8: My pride is with and New York Times Online Edition. Others include my Friendster and MySpace bulletin boards, various online forums and magazines, and I run my own mailing list.

Q9: Are you getting paid for this?
A9: No, but you can send a donation my way to defray my movie watching cost :P

Q10: Have you ever dozed off while watching a movie?
A10: Yes, during the Hunt For Red October. Not that it was boring, but the seat I got played a big part. If you know me by now, you'll know about my idiosyncracy of seats in cinemas.


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