Sunday, October 31, 2004

Shark Tale

Originally Posted On: 31st Oct 2004

After watching this movie, you'll know why
Dreamworks Animation's IPO is worth billions.
Going by their success of the Shrek Movies, and
now Shark Tale, they'll be the studio that will give
Pixar a run for their money.

The premise for this animated film is similar to
Shrek's, adapting modern day icons to suit the
mis-en-scene, thus providing tongue-in-cheek
references as well as opportunities for a gag or

We follow the exploits of Oscar (Will Smith), who
lives in a fish colony modelled after New York's
Times Square, with neon billboards screaming
recognizable brands like "Coral-Cola" (Coca-
Cola), "Fish King" (Burger King), "GUP"
(GAP), "FQ Magazine" (GQ Magazine), etc.
Look out for references to Titanic (the sharks' lair),
and one liners from movies like A Few Good Man,
Gladiator and even Jerry Maguire (in one of the
most direct references towards Renee Zellweger)

As the simple story goes, it's about redemption
and learning not to lie (hey, it's a G-rated movie!),
about who your true friends (those who stuck by
you even when you're a nobody and have nothing)
and about family.

One thing I've always enjoyed about Hollywood
animations, is that the toons are carefully
caricatured after the real life actors bringing
their toon counterparts to live. Even Robert De
Niro's mole is cheekily added, and Angelina
Jolie's poutty lips are featured as well and even
Martin Scorsese lends his voice in this show.

Stay throughout the end credits, and I mean
throughout the end credits. You'll be treated to
multi easter eggs and zany moments, right up until
the final character goes "Go Home, It's Past Your
Bedtime!" and the screen goes blank.


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