Monday, October 11, 2004

Movie Reviews In A Nutshell #3

Originally Posted On: 11th Oct 2004

Ghost of the Abyss
This IMAX 3D movie is worth every 13 weekend bucks, even though it lasts only 43 minutes. James Cameron and narrator/actor Bill Paxton brings us the non sappy version of the Titanic, in kind of a mini "making of" film. You'll be thrilled when you follow the cameras aboard their mini submarines and bots into the depths of the ocean as they bring us back in time to the fateful day when the Titanic went down. Wreck watching would never look the same again

The 3D Effects - from credits to credits, I spent the first 5 minutes like a suaku (hey, my last 3D movie was Jaws 3!!) putting off and removing my issued 3D glasses (made by IMAX, with sizes no less). You have to return the glasses at the end of the show - they remind you before it starts, after it ends, and put 2 ushers at the door to collect it back from you. There are moments when you wince and jolt backwards when the 3D comes into play

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
This beautifully shot film was made entirely in CGI, save for its human actors. It's difficult to categorize this film into a genre - it's part film noir, part pre-WWII, part sci-fi, part comedy, part romance, part action, part .... you get the drift

I went into this film devoid of background knowledge of its storyline, save for the bits in the trailer, and I wasn't disappointed. Some folks might feel a little awkward at the beginning since it's shot differently, but once you get into the mode of things, I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride

For the girls, hey, there's Jude Law!
For the guys, hey, there's Angelina "Poutty Lips" Jolie! But sorry, she doesn't strip in this one, and lasts only 5 minutes on screen :P

Going by the looks of it, we might get to see future Sky Captain adventures

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