Thursday, October 28, 2004


Originally Posted On: 28th Oct 2004

This story is written by the same dude who wrote Phone Booth.
Whilst Phone Booth was claustrophobic, this one allows the protagonist to roam the streets. While the former was a jackass of a protagonist, this one offers the protagonist redemption from being a jackass.

I suppose most of you would already know the premise. Woman gets kidnapped and manage to place an SOS random call to someone in the outside world, and sets off a race against time to rescue her.

While the story is gripping and characterization top notch, you'll have to suspend some beliefs on technological cellular advancement and plot holes to fully enjoy the show. But I dig the great performance of the leads and supporting actors in this film, and the humour peppered throughout.

Kim Basinger has aged. A lot.
From the hottie in 9 1/2 Weeks, to her award winning performance in LA Confidential, to the drunken stupor of 8 Mile, this one piles on the wrinkles you just cannot hide.

Chris Evans has shown his mettle. I'm eager for his "FLAME ON!" come Summer 2005 (In case you haven't known, he's cast as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four)

I've always enjoyed Jason Statham's performance, from Snatch to The Transpotter. He's the main baddie here, but is given limited screen time to show off his chop-socky moves

If Phone Booth's your kind of movie and you're a mobile phone nut, then this one's for you. Stay put at the beginning of the end credits - it's one of the most interesting in recent times.

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