Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Manchurian Candidate

Originally Posted On: 30th Oct 2004

This is a remake of one of ol' blue eyes movie,
updated to the modern day. Instead of having
Cold War enemies, we have big bad
corporations, and the Korean War has been
updated to the 1991 Gulf War

Denzel Washington, as always, gives a sterling
performance as a Gulf War veteran who has the
same dream as his comrade in arms, one that
questions the truth about what had happened on
one of their missions gone awry.

The first half of the movie may be similar to one of
Washington's earlier movie Courage Under Fire,
where the audience is left wondering if what had
transpired and shown to the audience was what
really was. But there's where the similarity ends. In
this thriller, it's not a whodunit, but whodidwhat.

Meryl Streep also puts in a commanding
performance as the manipulating mum of vice
presidential candidate Liev Schreiber. It just
shows you how overpowering mums can
sometimes be, especially towards mummy's
boys. This film also mildly suggests an incestous

At times this movie plods on, leaving viewers who
are expecting tight dialogue and fast action a bit
wanting. But the slight unexplained twist at the end
might leave those who have fallen asleep during
the movie go "huh?"

Recommended for Washington and Steep fans,
and for those who can sit through slow revelations,
you'll be rewarded at the end, no doubt.

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