Sunday, October 18, 2009

[TIFF 2009 Press Conference] Snowfall in Taipei (台北飄雪)

LtoR: Huo Jianqi, Chen Bolin, Tanya, Yang Yuning and Morning Mo

Making its World Premiere at this year's Tokyo International Film Festival and competing in the main program, I suppose the hype surrounding this China-Japan-Hong Kong-Taiwan co-production is running high, being billed as the first attempt by any Chinese director to have a feature film shot entirely in Taiwan. Snowfall in Taipei (台北飄雪) had its press conference today, with director Huo Jianqi and cast members Chen Bolin, Tanya, Yang Yuning and Morning Mo in attendance to talk about the film and their characters.

First, the introductions:

Director Huo Jianqi

Chen Bolin


LtoR: Yang Yuning and Morning Mo

Huo Jianqi first talked about this film as a love story amongst young adults, and was asked about this pan-Chinese production, to which his reply was since the people eat the same food and speak the same language, there's no distant feeling in this collaborative effort. Moreover, the film production was quite surprisingly without any major hiccups (a statement echoed subsequently by all the cast members present), and he hoped that audiences would like the film.

And here are the remaining details from the press conference, in Mandarin and Japanese:

Here the cast members talk about their experience with working under director Huo

The cast talk about their respective roles

The director talks about the music used in the film, in which Meng Tingwei's song was the centerpiece

Everyone recounting their difficult moments on set

But the press conference is less stuffy than you expected, since we have a group of young cast members participating...

Chen Bolin in a cheeky moment...

Something to Say!

Chen Bolin addressing the conference in Japanese

You can read my review of Snowfall in Taipei here.

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