Sunday, March 01, 2009

[DVD] Marigold (2007)

Like a Wilted Flower

This is one of those Hollywood meets Bollywood type of films that has all the wrong masala ingredients, in that it starts off in quite an unappealing manner, with Ali Larter's titular character being a mouthpiece of insult and bad attitude, for what could pass off as being generally racist. I'm quite surprised that Salman Khan had decided to star in this, given his pedigree, but I suppose one has an off day once in a while. The songs here were quite uninspiring, and Larter cannot dance to save herself, coming across as very wooden and stiff.

It's about a B-grade actress meeting the love of her life in the most unexpected of places, which somehow got passed off as a gold-digging opportunity given her lover's insanely rich and blue-blooded background. My advice is to pass this, and you'll be better off with any of the Bollywood DVDs I have featured on this site from time to time.

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