Sunday, March 01, 2009

[DVD] Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008)

Formula For Trouble

You know something's headed straight for the video market when you can barely recognize the cast. But no matter, a slasher flick is a slasher flick, albeit this one comes in small doses in the body count department. Again it's a group of young adults up against an evil destructive force who always seem to be one step ahead, and this time having collateral in order to get the prey to dance to his tune. Rusty Nail isn't going to go down as an instant classic like Freddy, Jason or Jigsaw, and even if a few more movies of such nature continue to get made in a franchise, I do not see any success in the immortality of the character.

Forget acting, and forget any thrills and new surprises, because everything goes according to formula here, with nothing breaking the genre and expectations. The only thing it reinforces is that the empty vessels continue making the most noise, and you'll probably not root for the resident punk to stay alive. Some carefully crafted gory moments, but that's about it.

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