Friday, March 06, 2009

Coming Soon

Watch Carefully

No time is wasted to market an association of this film with that of two recent horror blockbusters to have come out of Thailand - Shutter and Alone. Granted that writer-director Sopon Sukdapisit was co-writer for the two mentioned films, Coming Soon unfortunately doesn't reach the dizzying and scary heights of those horror movies, but managed to hold its own with Sukdapisit digging into the usual bag of frightening bits.

Featuring a film within a film for those who want more bang for your buck, if for lack of intent I would have thought that this story served almost like a curse amongst those who pirate movies for a profit, since the film pirates along the entire supply chain get served their just desserts. The pace in the later half of the film was hastened, and everything in the horror guide book got thrown at the audience, leaving you catching your breath.

It's not an instant classic, but would be entertaining enough for anyone looking forward to a horror movie for the lack thereof in the cinemas right now. Just remember that it's only a movie, and for best effect, watch this during the last screening for the night, and exit the cinemas after the end credit roll, just to ensure that you're pretty much alone for your imagination to go into overdrive.

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