Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kan Lumé's Female Games

If you're wondering what Kan Lumé has been up to these days, I've found a fresh trailer which provides more than ample clue to his next cinematic outing.

Going by the tags, it seems to have been shot in both Singapore and Malaysia, and stars Evelyn Maria Ng & Shen Qiaoyun aka Sheylara. Entitled Female Games, I'm now wondering if it's a short film, or a feature length one, possibly making its debut come next year's Singapore International Film Festival? What's your guess?

Kan Lume Filmography (Feature Length)
- The Art of Flirting
- Solos (co-director)
- Dreams From The Third World

And here's a link to an interview done earlier this year.

Update: Yes, Kan Lume has confirmed that this is a feature film!

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