Wednesday, December 03, 2008

18 Grams of Love, Part Deux

In April this year during SIFF, I wrote that 18 Grams of Love charmed the socks out of me, and would not hesitate a bit to catch it on the big screen again no less. Well, I guess everyone's prayers from that full-house screening, after which we had submitted a petition of sorts, came true, and tonight marked the Opening Night to a slew of screenings scheduled to happen at Sinema Old School

And what a blast it was to be given the privilege to moderate the Q&A session (of one of your favourite films of the year) after tonight's screening, which was again played to an expected full house. Writer-director Han Yew Kwang, as well as various crew members were present, and this time, he shared the stage during the Q&A with his cast of Alaric Tay and Magdalene See (who was encouraged to give her character's trademark cheeky laughter!) I was still grinning ear to ear, and laughing out loud at the movie's humour, even though this marked the second time I'm hearing/watching it. I guess this is testament to the power of the director's story, as well as the delivery of the cast. For its modest budget, it is extremely well made within its constraints, and to the naysayers of local movies, well I'd bet this film would change your opinion.

Curiously enough, the common question today, as it was some months ago during SIFF, was why didn't this film garner a theatrical screening in a commercial cineplex. I thought it was quite obvious that cost is a huge factor here, given the need to do a 35mm transfer, and that doesn't come cheap. And not to mention the uphill battle in getting bums on seats, whereby insufficient box office receipts would mean the film would have a hard time competing with various other movies now screening during the holiday period, and have to endure the indignity of having a short release period.

Go Tell All Your Friends!

But nonetheless, since this film was shot in HD, so why not watch it under a HD projection instead which Old School offers? So for those interested, don't let this opportunity to watch it on the big screen slip you by. Here's the screening schedule at Sinema Old School:

04 Dec Thu 645pm
05 Dec Fri 645pm and 830pm
06 Dec Sat 845pm
07 Dec Sun 450pm
08 Dec Mon 8pm
12 Dec Fri 415pm
13 Dec Sat 515pm and 730pm
18 Dec Thu 8pm
21 Dec Sun 815pm

I have to say again that for those who like this film, please do some shoutouts to your own groups or networks of friends and kakis, and coax them to give this film a go. It's a crowd pleaser, and should lift the spirits of anyone feeling down, or even encourage those who have issues of communication in their current relationships, to stop, take measure, and take action.

Oh, and Yew Kwang is running a love letter writing contest, which to date hasn't had an entry yet!! So your chances of winning, should you send in one, is quite high. Don't let the movie's premise which touches on the dearth of romanticism through love letter writing, be a self-fulfilling prophesy! You'll not even win tickets to attend any of the screening, but you get your chance to have your letter read out... so I guess if you want to propose, you could consider something out of the ordinary?

Start Writing Y'all!

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