Thursday, December 18, 2008


We're the Formulaic Threesome

One thin guy, one fat guy, and one nerd. Put them together, make them sex crazy and booze loving, and make the fat guy the loudest of the bunch with a penchant to swear by the bucketloads, and you have your teenage sex comedy. It seems like this it the formula these days, where filmmakers think that spewing profanity like a machine gun is cool and can elicit laughter. It does NOT. In fact, this formula is too tired already for the genre, no thanks to films like Superbad, and even adopted in "friendlier" comedies like Drillbit Taylor.

Fielding a cast of mostly unknowns, you'll probably only recognize Ms Buddha's Delight Haley Bennett in a forgettable role as one of many bevy beauties in the film, who are mostly left anonymous only to allow some in-your-face boob baring on screen. The comedy's here really unfunny, falling flat all the time, relying on the usual toilet humour and Andrew Caldwell making a jackass of himself.

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