Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hell's Highway: KM31 aka KM 31: Kilometro 31

Look Carefully

A Mexican-Spanish production, if the characters speak Japanese, you might file this under J-horror for its plenty of now cliched elements that it borrows from the genre. From plenty of water to a demonic kid running around, this seemed to have itself bogged down with trying to pay homage, or pushing to see how much from the genre it can fuse together into one film, nevermind its under-developed and haphazardly put together storyline.

There was plenty of potential from some of its sub plots thought up, especially the notion of falling for a twin just because, but like its other half baked thread on the mystery surrounding the death of the protagonist's mom, you'd start to realize that there are scenes or sequences put into this film without much thought as to how everything would gel together at the end. So instead of the usual verbatim tell-all that Hollywood remakes adopt, this one tells nothing, and falls short.

Technically, it's still an above average production, given its modest production values, and some pretty nifty make up designs and special effects. This would have done 3D proud should some sequences get presented in that format. But alas, despite technical achievements, it's always boil down to the strength of the story, which unfortunately repeatedly fell flat and lacklustre throughout.

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