Thursday, November 06, 2008

Do You Dare Venture Onto PULAU HANTU?

Pulau Hantu (PG)
Director: Esan Sivalingam
2008 | Horror | English & Malay with English subtitles | 90mins | $8
Cast: Carl Ng, Pamelyn Chee, Sani Hussin, Shane Mardjuki, John Cheng, Vijay M, Nurulaini, Nur Batrisyia and Adrian Pang

Pulau Hantu (lit. translation: Ghost Island) tells the tale of a group of ragtag soldiers who, whilst searching for an AWOL section, inadvertently disturb an unholy grave site.

Day turns to night and the mildly forested area becomes a thick, dense jungle. Ill-equipped and without an inkling as to why these supernatural events have cursed them, they race against time within the cursed island in their fight for survival – uncovering past mysteries and hidden secrets - while being terrorized by the revenge-seeking spirits of a native woman and her child who were victimized and murdered by a witch doctor over a century ago.

Not to be confused with an Indonesian movie which shares the same title, this is a local horror film made by Esan Sivalingam, his first feature film since the comedy City Sharks made some 5 years ago. Shot in HD, it actually made its premiere on the new television channel Okto, and now finds its proper place in the cinema with regular screenings, and under a digital projection to boot at Sinema Old School.

You can click here for details on the screening schedule, with one this Sunday evening. See you there!

P.S. I'm actually quite amused by the reactions of netizens over at the HardwareZone forums, given that some of them were lucky to have caught the film on television, and have on the whole, relatively good things to say about it. Don't click on the link unless you have strong tolerance for spoilers.

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