Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Old Garden (Orae-doen Jeongwon)

Will You Stay?

I think I'm turning into one insensitive punk in need of some loving to reconnect with some romance movies. You know that song You've Lost That Loving Feeling? Guess that's what I'm undergoing right now. Anyway, The Old Garden is one reminiscent stroll down memory lane for Hyun-woo (Ji Jin-hee), who for the love of his ideals, spurned the woman he made out with, Yoon-hee (Yum Jung-ah). Written and directed by Im Sang-soo (The President's Last Bang), this is your romance drama set against a historical backdrop to provide some added oomph, and here, it's the 1980s turbulent period where the Gwangju Massacre happened.

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