Thursday, January 24, 2008

Butterfly on a Wheel / Shattered

Oei, This is PG!

King Leonidas having a go with Edie Stall? The perfect married couple living with all the trappings of a successful corporate job, their lives turn topsy turvy as they get threatened and blackmailed into becoming puppets for a rogue James Bond. As they play Simon Says, the hidden agenda behind each character get slowly peeled away and this more than meets the eye twist and turn managed to elevate this from a mediocre thriller to something decent. I felt the ending was somewhat let down though, as you would have probably seen it coming, and hoped that it had not.

Again, yet another victim of not knowing where to stop, thinking that multiple endings are hip. Nonetheless, still a decent film that keeps you guessing and identifying all the red herrings as soon as they show up. Nothing really fancy, but it serves as a wake up call not to mess around with people, especially when they have jealous spouses who have no qualms in exacting calculated revenge that seeks to destroy everything you stand for.

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