Monday, January 07, 2008

Death Sentence

Do You Need Another Nostril?

If you're into revenge and retribution movies, where the lead goes berserk and dishes out his brand of justice pumping plenty of lead without remorse, then this movie should be in your radar come 24 Jan 08. Starring our 6-degrees favourite Kevin Bacon, watch as your average corporate type guy go on a rampage when the most sacred thing in a man's life - his family - gets intruded upon by senseless crime. Goodbye Mr Nice Guy, and Hello Mr Bastard with No Remorse, barely. OK, well actually he's running scared for the most parts, and seem utterly clueless, hence giving him a slight twist from the usual Rambo styled characters.

Brought to us by director James Wan of Saw fame, the highlights of the movie are technical instead, and you will go ballistic with the fluidity of the sweeping camera movements to capture action all in one solid take.

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