Thursday, October 04, 2007

Me Panda

Friends would know I'm a big fan of movie music, and I usually perk up if any movie has that catchy tune used in its opening credits. If I groove to the beat, and feel that it compliments the opening scene perfectly, then the movie certainly deserves brownie points.

The latest will be Oxide Pang's The Detective (C+ Jing Taam) starring Aaron Kwok as an imporverished detective who seems to be a born loser in his profession, relying only on his doggedness to get things done. It's not a bad film really, and Kwok demonstrates he's more than capable to carry a movie on his shoulders, while oozing charisma from every pore of his. Not just a pretty boy these days, with serious cred for acting.

Although I have absolutely no idea what the lyrics of the Thai song is about, you can't deny the tune its catchiness. It's now my current earworm! Give it a go!

To read my review of The Detective at, click on the logo below:

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