Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Detective (C+ Jing Taam)

I Spy With My Little Eye

I got a production flyer of this movie from the HKIFF FILMART in March earlier this year, and the gritty look does make it very compelling to watch, especially when you have a Heavenly King Aaron Kwok in the lead role. Filmed mainly in Thailand with a very Thai production crew, Oxide Pang brings back some memories of his and his brother's earlier work Bangkok Dangerous. I thought this could work without the supernatural bit thrown in, and in actuality, constituted a very minute part in the overall run time. However, that would make it a pretty plain detective noir film.

The opening song, Me Panda, is one of the best songs which gel and provides the necessary energy to start off a movie, and not since Inside Man's Chaiyya Chaiyya had I grooved to the beat. Excellent sound design, no doubt migrated from the Pang Brother's horror skillset, helped enhance the enjoyment too.

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