Thursday, October 25, 2007

Your Name is Justine (Masz Na Imie Justine)

I'm No Barbie Doll

It's almost coincidental that two years ago I was tasked to review Lilya 4-ever, a film which touched on a similar subject of exploiting women for prostitution. Such movies are never pretty to look at, and you'll almost always feel the hurt and pain when women get abused and have violence inflicted on them, just because they were naively in love and duped into the point of no return.

While some movies like to romanticise the attitudes of those stuck in the oldest profession in the world, this one again highlights the systematic destruction of one's will into submission into the trade. Deserves a watch to find out just how those buggers operate, but do note to check that blood pressure. Minimal nudity here, which I thought was great since gratuitous display of flesh here seems to be counter-ideal, and definitely non-erotic.

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