Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happiness Is...

... getting one of those out of print DVDs at a discounted price, with a freebie included as well, the Sam Hui King Sized Pictorial containing stills from the movie.

I'm a fan of the martial arts genre, and Swordsman has a special place in my heart because it actually renewed my faith in the genre, and broadly, in Hong Kong movies as well. Given it's length, I was surprised that I could be engaged for a good two hours, where usually the typical duration of a HK movie will be around 90 minutes.

Also, it's based loosely on a novel by Louis Cha, who wrote some of the most popular martial arts novels out there, and have characters whom most are familiar with. I was intrigued by the shenanigans of all the martial arts sect when they congregate and try to out scheme one another to obtain the secret martial arts manual, and enjoyed THAT song being played again, and again.

Already, being able to watch it in its original Cantonese language track is a big bonus, given that the first time I've watched this was in Mandarin, on a video tape recorded from television, so you know with each viewing, the picture quality will degrade.

So until I really find some time and get down to watching this in its full glory, here's a snapshot of my latest acquisition :-)

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