Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Almost Weekly Wednesday Midnight Bulletin #6

Well, given the, *ahem*, devotion to covering the Japanese Film Fest, I couldn't have possible reviewed some of the movies released last week on time. Nonetheless they're included here, in a combined recommendation of flicks making its way to the theatres this week.

Flicks of the Week
I think I'm starting to develop a bias for dance movies, be it in documentary form, or the usual stuff that flashes "FORMULA" on the marquee. So Step Up gets my biased thumbs up for flick of the week. Highly suitable as a Date Movie too, you won't go wrong with this one.

The other you shouldn't miss, is the animated movie Flushed Away, made by the team who did Wallace and Gromit. Voiced by current IT boy Hugh Jackman, this is something, while simple in story, will still rake in some laughs. The animation's gorgeous too.

OK, while this movie might not generally be classified as a blockbuster per se, I'm categorizing A Good Year as such, based on the box office draw of a Ridley-Scott-Russell-Crowe partnership. While not exactly like Sideways for its fusion of wine into the storyline, A Good Year still makes it palatable viewing.

For The Boys I
It's a heck of a week for the guys, with two movies that'll probably appeal to you. John Statham fans take note, the best in the business is back in Crank, where he plays a man who has to keep his heart rate pumping loads to stay alive. Sex, drugs and rock and roll are the order of the day! Flick's chick is Amy Smart!

For The Boys II
It's R21 for uncut gore and violence. Leatherface returns in the prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with The Beginning. Not for the squemish, with its copious amount of fresh blood. Chainsaws grinding into flesh and bone, my my my....

For The Girls and Boys I
I'd recommend The Covenant only if you've nothing better to do, and are in some serious need to have eye candy presented to you on screen. It's fairly unbalanced, as girls have a wider choice in this movie, while guys rue for the day some hot chick fling herself at them.

For The Girls and Boys II
On the other hand, the tables are turned with DOA: Dead or Alive. While this movie's in the same vein as Charlie's Angels with girls kicking some serious rear, the guys have it all cut out for them. The beach volleyball scene, is to die for. Oh, and Holly Valance's more gorgeous than Devon Aoki :P

Acquired Tastes
If you're in the mood for some Italian romance by Roberto Benigni, then The Tiger and the Snow will be your choice this week. However, those expecting Life is Beautiful, might find this tiger missing the mark.

And another foreign movie, this time closer to home, is Malaysian director Bernard Chauly's Goodbye Boys, a tale of teenage angst, issues, romance, think of it as something like a trip down the memory lane of secondary school days. Poignant stuff.

See you at the movies! I'll be back in time for the return of Bond, James Bond, with his newly acquired license to kill.

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