Friday, October 20, 2006

The OH in Ohio

Cock Tease Alert

The OH here refers to the female orgasm, and while some like to tout this as the female version of last year's hit comedy The 40-Year Old Virgin, I would beg to differ. Written and directed by Billy Kent, the only probably reason for the link between the two films is that both starred Paul Rudd, but of course, playing different characters.

Appealing to obviously different groups, The Oh in Ohio, while it has its rib tickling moments, is nowhere as hilariously insane as The 40 Year Old Virgin. Parker Posey is no Steve Carrell, even though their characters have their lack of sex being something in common. Posey's character Priscilla Chase is one of the most gorgeous woman of her time, but unfortunately for her as she finds out, she had never had an orgasm, even though her husband, Jack (Paul Rudd) has one of the more impressive guns around town, as ascertained by his student Kristen (Mischa Barton, from the OC).

While Virgin had its focus trained on that one man who hasn't got laid, OH in Ohio sets its sights on how the Chase husband and wife settle their differences. To her, her frigidity was identified as a cause for her lack of the big-O, but for him, it's a different story altogether as it's a direct impact on his big fat male ego in being unable to satisfy his wife. From then on, the story tangents off in two separate directions, with Priscilla and her quest to cum, and Jack on his journey of self-assurance.

Part of the fun here belonged to the expanded cast, like Heather Graham has the lesbian sex shop owner, and Liza Minnelli as a sex guru, in what could probably be one of the most hilarious scenes in the movie. Danny DeVito, I thought he uttered one line from Batman Returns, was probably the most underdeveloped character as Wayne the Pool Guy, though he played an important role as advisor and confidante. However, the rest are pretty much throw away characters. Mischa Barton's role too was nothing more than a cock-tease.

To bring on more laughs, there were senseless scenes on the (ove)reliance on devices, sexual and otherwise, though that was counter-balanced with some pretty raunchy-witty dialogue.

My only gripe is that The OH In Ohio ended in an anti-climax. Just as you thought the lead characters had built up and developed, and are expecting some fireworks between them, it ended off with quite a limp, leaving you just as unsatisfied as Priscilla was prior to her transformation.

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