Saturday, October 21, 2006

[Japanese Film Fest] 21 Oct - 29 Oct

The next week or so I'll be attending the Japanese Film Festival, now on at the National Museum. Would be able to catch almost every movie save for 1, because of work commitments.

The selection of movies can be found here, with the Director-In-Focus being Kitano Takeshi, and the Director-In-Attendance is Ogigami Naoko, as two of her features, Yoshino's Barber Shop and Kamome Diner, will be featured. Yamada Yoji's signature series Gakko will be featured tomorrow, with A Class To Remember I, II and IV being screened.

But this is not to say that this week's commercial releases will be ignored. Do check back for the usual, but do expect a more dedicated focus on the Japanese Film Festival movies. Some of them are free too, and no doubt this is the only fest here (I think) that has free screenings for the public. Totally Awesome.

And yes, given this year's theme is on Friendship, if you happen to see me around, why not say hi and we can do lunch / dinner / tea during the breaks?

See you there!

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